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Sunny & Michelle
Michelle gracefully guides Sunny over the double jump in the Intermediate class.

Who Can Resist this Mug?
Tailer started agility as just a pup and over time has worked her way into the Advanced class in Costa Mesa.  Tailer is a Louisiana Catahoula
Leopard Dog (also known as a Catahoula Cur) which are not at all common in this part of the country, especially in California.  When Ross & Linda rescued Tailer, they didn't even know that Tailer was a Catahoula Leopard Dog.  The breed is the official state dog of Louisiana.

Tailer aces the tire jump.

Chelsea, along with being the best groomed dog or person in class, shows that little dogs are no slouches on the agility course. Chelsea's agility hero is Niki, an amazing Shih Tzu agility champion. Learn more about both Chelsea and the Niki at Chelsea's website,

Encore Shows Off His Good Side
Encore the Papillon finishes the tunnel with something that resembles a pose, as if he is daring us to try to take a bad picture of him. Papillons often have a natural affinity for agility and Encore does not disappoint.  But, just to make sure that Encore has plenty of incentive, Gregg will use killer treats, such as bits of freshly cooked bacon.  Now that's some motivation!

Jata Gets Framed
Laurie's Pic of Jata is framed by the tire jump in a way that makes Jata look like she's in Candy Land.

Pic by Laurie Mortara

The Belle of the Ball
Belle the French Bulldog finishes the teeter in class.  Belle also has the nickname "Toots", because as her handler, Lorene, puts it, her coloring resembles a Tootsie Roll. 

Keiko and Irene have an agility pact that emphasizes having fun and playing some games, which sounds like an outstanding agility motto to us.

Pic by Jenith Mishne

Here's Fiona getting ready to leave class after a great agility workout.  Doggles on?  Check.  Head through the sunroof to watch what's going on?  Check.  Ready for takeoff. 

Tanner & Linda
Tanner struts his stuff for the crowd at Summerfest in Fountain Valley.  In the photo above, Linda guides Tanner over the teeter and in the pic below, Tanner flies over the double jump with perfect form.  Intelligent Agility will be at Summerfest again this year. The date is Sunday, June 30, 2013.

Annecy & Jill
Annecy & Jill finish the agility course strong with the winged panel jump.  It appears from this picture that they are both smiling! And we really like that. 

Yogi is a Shar Pei-Whippet mix.  Try saying that three times fast!  Here, Yogi bounds over the broad jump while looking for Sharon, his handler. 

Gracie Girl
Gracie learns the A-Frame with Jenith on her very first day of agility.  As we tell all of our students, agility exercises your pup's body and brain, which generally gives the handlers a little "down" time after class.  One of Gracie's after class activities is pictured below.

Pic by Jenith Mishne

Panda the Pomeranian, handled by Kevin, flawlessly executes the teeter.  One can't help but love Panda's patented smile. 

Missy Shoots through the Chute
Missy finishes the chute, also known as the closed tunnel, and then looks for her handler, Mike. 

Pic by Wayne Mah and used with permission from the OC Register


Weave Polin'
Dru the Golden Retriever displays some beautiful form on the weave poles.  Dru's Christmas presents from Amy were jumps and weave poles from IA so he could practice at home and it shows!

Dru & Amy
Dru & Amy take on the IA course at Fountain Valley's annual Summerfest. 

Pic by Adrienne Parks

Sophie is part of the French Bulldog duo (also known as the French Foreign Legion, and also known as the Croissants) of Sophie & Belle and is handled by Linda.  Don't let Sophie's size fool you, she can be a speed demon on the course!  Linda is working on Sophie's distance handling so she can keep up on the course.

The Three Zs
Here is Debra's trio of Labrador Retrievers: (from left to right) Zenya, Zacary and Zuleka.  Debra is the hardest working handler in any of our classes because she runs all three of her Labs in the Advanced Class. 


Alley Oop!
Keiko is an agility pup in our Advanced class. We say pup because Keiko is nine years old, but you could never tell that by watching her on the agility course. In fact, Keiko and Irene ran in their first trials this past March.

Pic by Jenith Mishne

Damon & Nigel 
Nigel's already finding his jumping form in the Beginning class. 

Pic by Allyson Wong

Okay, his name is just Finn.  We used to call Finn the King of the Contact Equipment (A-Frame, Dogwalk, Teeter) because they were his favorite obstacles and he was so good at them.  Over the years, Finn has mastered and enjoys all of the obstacles.  As a matter of fact, Finn came in second in our weave pole races against much longer-legged dogs, and that was in the advanced class! 

Target Acquired
 Kaylar and her handler, Alan are very in tune with one another.  Here, Alan is a couple of obstacles ahead (doing a lead out) and Kaylar eyes are locked on!

Pic by Jenith Mishne

Sophia the fleet-footed Maltese whisks over the teeter.  Sophia is handled by Kathy whose largest task is to get Sophia to slow down, because Sophia is fearless on the course wants to get to all the obstacles as quickly as possible.  Gotta love her enthusiasm. To give you an idea of Sophia's stature, look how far she is up on the teeter and it still has not moved!

Dancin' Samson
The weave poles take the longest for students of agility to master.  But Samson, only in his first set of intermediate classes, looks like he's well on his way!

Foxy Roxy
Here we have the ravishing Roxy, who is handled by the fabulous Fabi.  Roxy was rescued through Barks of Love and is both loved and spoiled by her family, as demonstrated by her gorgeous quilt of many colors brought to class for her comfort.  Roxy is also the official mascot of Dogma Pet Portraits.

Pic by David Capron.

Sunny Boy
Sunny the Golden Retriever strikes a perfect pose on the dogwalk at Vanguard University, the site of our Costa Mesa classes on Sundays. Sunny is showing off his nifty harness, which is actually a great harness for large dogs. It's heavy duty and notice the convenient handle on top.

Pic by Michelle James

Missy & Mike
Missy the Golden Retriever soars over the jump at the Canine Performance Events (CPE) agility trials at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa.  Missy & Mike are currently in our Costa Mesa Advanced class.

Pic by Dynamic Dog Photos 

Hover dog
Chelsea the Shih Tzu hovers over the jump at the American Kennel Club (AKC) agility trials.

Pic by Photography by M

Chloe exits the tunnel and heads for her handler Jennifer.  Chloe took a hiatus from agility class and when she came back it was as if she had never missed a class.

Jata the Rhodesian Ridgeback makes a beautiful jump at the CPE trials. As a breed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback originated in Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, located on the southern part of the African continent. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are sometimes referred to as "The African Lion Hound" because they hunt lions.  

Pic by Sherry Skipper-Spurgeon

 Zoli & John
Zoli, Jata's little sister, actually hails from South Africa. Here she and John (who also handles Jata) take on the agility course in Costa Mesa with a statue of a lion in the background, Vanguard University's mascot. Fortunately, Zoli gets over being an "African Lion Hound" long enough to tear up the agility course instead with John.


The name's Unihills Zesty Zenyatta Whirl-A-Girl (Zenya) and I'm here to do some agility! Zenya & Debra have been through all the levels of our classes at just about every location we've taught at. Zenya & Debra have even done agility trials. Here Zenya beautifully makes her way over jumps at our Lake Forest location.

Fiona & Vivian
We have seen Fiona the Rottie in her snazzy doggles. Now it's time for an agility action shot! Here Vivian takes Fiona over the double jump.  

Alan & Kaylar
Alan's handling skills combined with Kaylar's deftness on the agility course are a thing of beauty to watch in the Advanced Class. 

Pic by Jenith Mishne

Samson Roars Through the Tunnel
Samson goes through both the tunnel and the chute so fast that if you are watching him in class - don't blink.

Max & Dana
Max is encouraged by Dana at the jump during their first day in the Beginning class. The result? Max did the jump! Max also hangs in class with his "cousins" Gracie and Samson. 

Pic by Jenith Mishne 

Intelligent Agility Centerfold Miss Maddie
This photo was taken at the old Fountain Valley location before IA moved Sunday classes to Costa Mesa, but we just really love this pic of Maddie. Maddie has retired from agility, but not before she & Cindy had many great agility runs at both AKC and CPE trials. Maddie even once won an Intelli Award (very rare) for best swimsuit model. And with that patented smile of hers, how could she not? By the way, Maddie's turn-ons include walks on the beach, getting belly rubs, zooming and being chased around by her sisters.

Pic by Laurie Mortara

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