Intelligent Agility       

About the Trainers at Intelligent Agility

Erin and Kevin Riley have been training dogs for over a decade. 

Erin & Kevin had long wanted to have their dogs participate in activities such as Agility, so they signed up for a city-sponsored class.  After taking one of their dogs to this class and having their dog attacked repeatedly by uncontrolled and untrained dogs, they decided to start their own Agility classes, Intelligent Agility

The safety and security of you and your dog is paramount at Intelligent Agility.  All dogs must have prior obedience training and must be able to interact with other dogs and people.  While using any of the elevated equipment, the dogs all use harnesses for additional safety. 

Erin & Kevin use only positive reinforcement training techniques, so there is no yelling and yanking.  They also believe that Agility is all about having a great time and bonding with your pet.

Intelligent Agility is insured by The Hartford 

Pic used with permission from the Orange County Register.

Intelligent Agility allows owners and their dogs to run an entire agility course during their first set of classes.  Dogs in the Beginning Agility will learn the following obstacles:

  • Jumps
  • Tunnel
  • Tire Jump
  • A-Frame
  • Dog Walk
  • Pause Table
  • Weave Poles


 Pic used with permission from the Orange County Register.
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