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Intelligent Agility Comes to Humboldt County!

Save the date, Sunday May 31 starting at 11:00 a.m., and bring your pooch to the Humboldt County Fairgrounds in Ferndale for a free Play Day to see if agility is for you.  Send an email to or call (949) 412-3245 to reserve a spot. Spaces are limited.


What is Intelligent Agility?

Intelligent Agility is our philosophy of recreational agility training on professional agility equipment. We focus on the bond between you and your dog, not competition and prizes. We teach using the PET method (Praise, Encouragement and Treats) - no corrections, no yelling, no smacking. We also focus on safety for you and your dog.  The dogs all wear harnesses and we never push any dog or owner beyond their limit. We use a break away tire jump and none of the jumps are metal. Classes are always small, so students get lots of time on the course. But above all, Intelligent Agility is about you and your dog having fun! 

Intelligent Agility also offers Advanced Agility classes that both gives doggies and their handlers from the Intermediate level a greater challenge and will also prepare those who are ready to take their agility to the next level -  agility trials (competition). You do not need to compete to be in our Advanced class, as many of our students at this level merely want to continue to enjoy spending some quality time for their dogs once a week. The philosophy remains the same as our other classes. It is about you and your dog bonding and having fun.

We are currently gearing up for our agility classes in Humboldt County, CA at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds, that are outdoors, on grass, and the course is fenced-in.

 Rally-O - A Different Kind of Obedience Training

Intelligent Agility also offers Rally-O classes. Like Intelligent Agility, Rally-O is also an extension of obedience training. Rally-O focuses on strengthening the bond between you and your pooch through a series of obedience maneuvers and courses consisting of labeled cones. Some of our agility students take Rally-O classes concurrently with agility classes to improve their dog's focus when performing agility. Rally-O also offers a great alternative for those dogs (or humans) who want or need a slower pace than agility training, but still love to work together with their best friend. It's about having a lot of fun with your dog and about learning obedience at the same time!

All of the Intelligent Agility and Rally-O training sessions include five once a week classes that last for an hour.  And, all of Intelligent Agility's classes are for those owners who want to build a stronger bond with their pet, want to have a lot of fun, have a sense of humor and love their dog.  Sound like you?  Then sign up for one of our classes - we can't wait to see you!


Starting class dates subject to change due to factors such as weather.    
Class prices are for five one-hour classes:

For specific locations and other information:

please contact us at 
 Lure Coursing Comes to Intelligent Agility

We are currently looking for a new home for our Lure Coursing classes.  Once we find the perfect location, we will announce it here.  

Unlike agility classes, Lure Coursing focuses on your dog and not the handler. For anyone unfamiliar with Lure Coursing, it is the humane alternative to hare coursing. Instead of chasing live rabbits, dogs chase an inanimate object (usually a white plastic bag and sometimes a toy) attached to a moving string.  This humanely allows pooches to fulfill their natural prey drive while getting some exercise and building their stamina.

The nature of Lure Coursing allows the class structure to be more flexible than agility. With our classes, you can sign up anytime! Classes are sold in sets of five.  Check the website before coming to class - in the event of a cancellation, we will post it at the top of the home page.  Upon sign up, you can take lure coursing at your own pace through an issued class punch card. Whenever you come to class, your card is punched. When the card has been punched five times, you have completed a set of classes. It's that easy!

You can usually tell how a dog will react to lure coursing early on, unlike agility.  As a side note, we often see dogs who struggle early in agility blossom as the class proceeds. Since we are looking for a new location, we will not be taking any signups for Lure Coursing at this time.  

Like our agility classes, our Lure Coursing is outdoors, on grass and the course is fenced in.  We want our clientele to be able to relax and enjoy the sport more without having to worry about their dogs ever suddenly running away.

Intelligent Agility
is always concerned about your dogs’ safety. So when your dog begins Lure Coursing, the courses are short. As your dog builds stamina and gets used to more sudden turns, the courses become longer and more complex.  It’s tempting to want to immediately get out to the course and watch their dogs do long runs, but this is dangerous for any dog.  This is for the safety of your canine companion.  As always, safety and fun are our topmost concerns. Having said that, we think that everyone watching their dog respond to the shorter courses of beginning lure coursing will find watching their dog chasing the lure quite exhilarating! It's all about you and your dog having fun!!

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